Puuroa ja risteilyä / Porridge and cruising

IMG_0009 Don’t ever leave rice porridge alone, EVEN FOR TEN SECONDS



1.  Isku and I went to a 23h cruise.

2. We went to buy some chocolate from tax free <3

3. The boat has a place where I can have some really good Irish coffee <3

4. This was my worst night in a boat. The boat kept rocking like crazy.

5. When it finally stopped, the engines started a racket.

6. Without a wink of sleep my concentration was not the best the next day.
IMG IMG_0005


1. It’s been a while since I have watched The Unknown Soldier… It’s nice to watch it again.

2. Well, ”watch” because I’m drawing at the same time…


The question of the day:

What am I going to be when I grow up?!

1. First I wanted to start my own advent calender, but I didn’t get any good ideas

2. And it’s already the 15th… and my computer is kinda broken… and I’ve got no time… *mumble mumble*

3. Right now I’m at a course where I have to find a job or a place where I could study..

4. My plan is to get job where I can be with children.

5. Though that porbably means that I’ll only draw with them <3halloween1. We had a wonderful Halloween party <3

2. I carved my first pumpkin!

3. There was good food and snacks

4. We played NES

5. We got Halloween themed jelly shots…

6… and punch with hands made out of ice

7. I also made a fancy ribbon for the costume contest.

8. PLUS: we were served FEUERZANGENBOWL:

9. Thank you ”Mario brothers”!!